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This wiki is the home of all activity to do with the Flat Classroom® Conference taking place at the Yokohama International School, Japan March 8-10, 2013.
Information and updates will be added on a daily basis, so please come back often
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The Flat Classroom Conference Japan 2013 is now closed! Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed. Please review the highlights on Flickr, on the Ning, on Eventifier via the Twitter #flatclass2013 chat. This wiki also has archived work from student and teacher teams! The Closing Ceremony videos are linked from the Google Presentation.

Shout out to Teachers and students at Yokohama International School for being wonderful hosts. A special shoutout to Kim Cofino, Alan Levine, Eva Brown, Sharon Peters, Simon May, Julie Lindsay for leading the way during the event.

DAY 3 - March 10 - Final Day

(timezone = Japan GMT+9) (See timeanddate.com and convert to your timezone)=
  • 9:00 -Three strands:
    • Strand A - Video production in the Loft
    • Strand B - Student directed closing ceremony - M102, then move to Auditorium
    • Strand C - Teachers and some students in ELC - Emerging Technologies!
  • 11:00 - Brunch in the Canteen
  • 12:00 - Closing Plenary in the Auditorium - Watch our Livestream or uStream
Review the full Conference Program

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